We have been looking for a great quality stainless lettering system for our boat, EveryDay is a Holiday, for quite some time.  We discovered the website www.yourcustomemblem.com when our marina neighbor had some custom lettering done for his trawler.  We love how the letters turned out, and the installation process was quite simple.  It took about six weeks to get the lettering once ordered, and it came out looking exactly like what we wanted.  Ted, with yourcustomemblem, worked with us to design the logo and size.  We are thrilled with the end result – hope you like it!

PS Note the custom “skirt” on the starboard side of our boat.  I made this out of sunbrella to protect the black gelcoat from the ravages of the sun!  Plus it saves my captain the time that he would otherwise be spending waxing it!

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