I made a previous video on the installation of our isenglass and how to make it less stiff, and thus easier to install.  I have seen a lot of boats in our marina that have isenglass, and the condition of that isenglass makes me want to cry.  The companies that wash these boats take soft bristle brushes to clean them, which cause microscopic scratches!  AARRGGHH..  We have used a product called Plexus from day one.  Our boat is 14 years old, and our isenglass is in near-perfect condition.  Spray it on, then wipe off with a soft microfiber cloth.  It cleans, waxes and protects the plastic to delay the inevitable hazing of the plastic.  We get so many compliments on the condition of our boat, I thought I should share some of what we use to keep our baby looking good!!

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